Owning property in Mauritius

Mythic Grand Gaube - Mauritius

Mythic Grand Gaube - Picto

There are numerous reasons to buy land in Mauritius: professional expatriation or retirement, investing with a view to moving in in later years or for leasing, tax benefits … the PDS programmes are the only means for foreigners to purchase real estate in full ownership in Mauritius today.

The purchaser automatically gains the status of permanent resident if the purchased real estate costs 500,000 USD or more, as is the case at Mythic Grand Gaube. Permanent residency is also applicable to the spouse and children up to 24 years old. Permanent residency is directly linked to the real estate. In case of resale, the permanent resident status is attributed to the next purchaser.

Mythic Grand Gaube - Picto

Notary fees for a purchase within PDS is 1.15% of the real estate price. The double-taxation treaty concluded with 33 States, including UK, Germany and Luxembourg allows revenue generated from renting the property to be taxed only at 15% and solely in Mauritius. Finally, there is no capital gain tax on property resale in Mauritius.