Mauritius Residence Permit

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To invest in real estate in Mauritius, a foreign national has no other choice than to opt for projects labelled as PDS, RES or IRS by the BOI (Board of Investment). To automatically enjoy permanent residency, the value of the property must be of 500,000 USD or more. A residence permit is granted to the investor, as well as his spouse and children under 24 years of age. If an investor resides more than 183 days in Mauritius, he may also benefit from the Mauritian residence tax.

In the case where the property investment is made by a company comprising several shareholders, permanent residency can only be granted to one of them. Permanent residency can at any time be transferred to another shareholder by carrying out the required procedures with the BOI.

It should be noted that resident status obtained in this way, is tied to the immovable property. This status is therefore valid as long as one owns the said property. Upon resale, the residence permit is automatically granted to the new owner (the seller therefore loses his/her residence permit).