North Mauritius

Mythic Grand Gaube - Mauritius

Mythic Grand Gaube - Picto

The northern part of Mauritius enjoys the most sunshine. It has a particularly pleasant climate and is protected from the wind. A region of contrasts; the North offers a bustling atmosphere as well as places of meditation and quiet contemplation. Grand Bay is considered as the touristic capital of the island. It offers a festive atmosphere with many restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shopping malls.

Grand Gaube is a quiet and charming fishing village only a 15-minute drive from lively Grand Bay. Located at the tip of Mauritius, Grand Gaube is surrounded by magnificent white sandy beaches: ‘Calodyne’ and ‘Butte à l’herbe’. This well-sheltered area offers a breathtaking view of the pristine coastline and of the Gunner’s Quoin , as well as surrounding northern islets (Flat Island, Gabriel Islet, Round Island and Snake Island ).

Mythic Grand Gaube - Picto

Its crystal-clear blue lagoon makes Grand Gaube a little paradise for boating and sailing enthusiasts. In this timeless village where everyone has a smile on their face, fishing is the main activity, as it has always been done: in canoes made of jackfruit wood.

Located not far from the Eastern coast, Grand Gaube is next to Poudre d’Or, Goodlands, Roches Noires and Poste Lafayette… These villages have the most beautiful beaches of the island! And along these small coastal roads, rural life unfolds; onion farming, as well as other aromatic herbs. The market of Goodlands is a real initiatory journey into the Hindu culture; the smell of incense, sandalwood, the street food and colourful saris worn by the women.

Ideally located, some 15 minutes from Grand Bay and a stone’s throw from traditional villages, Mythic Grand Gaube is the ideal holiday destination, offering perfect living conditions for a permanent home.