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Mythic Grand Gaube - Mauritius

Mythic Grand Gaube - Picto

Located in the heart of the Mascarenhas Archipelago, between Reunion Island and Rodrigues, Mauritius is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. This small volcanic island is renowned for its diversity.

Land of peace and tolerance, Mauritius is a true cultural melting pot. The diversity of people living in perfect harmony is a symbol of the island’s identity. Hindus, Muslims, Catholics or Buddhists; each religion has its own place of worship and celebration; all of which are included in the Mauritian calendar.
A multicultural island, where Creole as well as French and English are spoken.

Mythic Grand Gaube - Picto

A land surrounded by the ocean, a land rich in vegetation; a land of seven colours as can be seen in Chamarel: in Mauritius, nature is spectacular. Land side: tropical forests and waterfalls rub shoulders with gorges and hiking trails. Sea side: expanses of fine white sand meet with crystal-clear waters, home to multi-coloured fish.
A land of innovation: infrastructure on the island meets European standards. Mauritius has nevertheless, preserved its authenticity and kept its traditions.

Mauritius is a place where modernity and exoticism blend smoothly together.