Mauritius Tax Laws

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Investing in Mauritius is accompanied by attractive tax benefits. Among the proposed advantages, it is important to note that the government has signed double taxation treaties with 33 States, including UK, Germany and Luxembourg. Hence, real estate revenue generated in Mauritius by a foreign investor is taxed at only 15% and solely in Mauritius.

Thanks to the double taxation treaty, UK, Germany and Luxembourg, tax residents do not have to include their Mauritian property when calculating their tax on wealth. Mauritius is well known for offering tax benefits. In 2016, it ranked 6th in the list of 10 countries with the most tax benefits for personal income tax* (source: Les Echos).

Mythic Grand Gaube - Picto

In an attempt to attract foreign investors, the Mauritian government has set up a double taxation treaty with 33 countries. The following applies:

– In Mauritius, there is no housing tax, land tax or social security tax.

– The only applicable tax on immovable property is the BOI Tax (Board of Investment). This corresponds to 5% of the promoter’s property price and is paid upon purchase.

– Capital gain on resale of immovable property is exempted from tax in Mauritius and the investor’s country of origin !

Foreigners can gain tax resident status. For any real estate investment exceeding 500,000 USD, the owner and family (spouse and children under 24 years) enjoy permanent resident status. Mauritian residence tax will be imposed after 183 days in Mauritius.