Retire to Mauritius

Mythic Grand Gaube - Mauritius

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With an ideal climate, quality infrastructure and a lower cost of living than in European countries, many retirees choose to spend happy days in Mauritius. The destination ranked fifth among the best destinations to retire abroad! It is widely acclaimed both for its exceptional natural heritage and for its safety.
(L’Express – Votre Argent – Février 2017).

To retire in Mauritius, one needs to obtain a residence permit, by either investing in real estate – see the Residence permit section – or by requesting a residence permit as a retired non-citizen.
The Residence Permit as a Retired Non-Citizen amounts to 10% of the residence permits issued by the BOI*. It only applies to those over fifty years of age. To qualify, it is necessary to, at the time of application for the residence permit, open an account in a Mauritian bank and to deposit a minimum sum of 120,000 USD, thereafter, a sum of 40,000 USD each year. The Residence Permit as a Retired Non-Citizen is valid for a renewable three-year term.
The retirees also benefit from a non-double taxation treaty existing between Mauritius and 33 countries, including UK, Germany and Luxembourg. Their pensions and income are therefore only taxed up to 15% in Mauritius.