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Mythic Grand Gaube - Mauritius

Mythic Grand Gaube - Picto

Mauritius is the ideal place for investment in real estate. Several European nationals have already joined the party, benefitting from the incentives provided by the Mauritian government in terms of investment but also regarding taxation (include link to taxation tab).

To invest in real estate in Mauritius, a foreigner must compulsorily use the specific programmes set up by the Mauritian government (IRS, RES and more recently PDS which Mythic Grand Gaube is part of).

These programmes allow investors to buy real estate in full ownership. The property must compulsorily be located in building complexes which offer a range of services (security service, conciergerie, rental management…).

Notary fees are only 1.15% of the cost of the property. In Mauritius, the housing market is dynamic and has an excellent future especially in terms of capital gain (exempt from taxation in Mauritius). The high quality of building standards is similar to those in Europe and includes the same warranties (work completion warranty, two-year and ten-year warranty).

Mythic Grand Gaube - Picto

Finally, another advantage that must not be overlooked, any investment made under the PDS programme and exceeding 500,000 USD comes with permanent residency in Mauritius for the investor and family (spouse and children under 24 years). This ends when the property is resold. Moreover, residence tax may be imposed after 183 days on Mauritian territory.